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Jul 24

Role: Don Giovanni
Singer: Peter Mattei
Opera: Don Giovanni (W.A. Mozart) 

Swedish baritone Peter Mattei making his debut at La Scala, in a red velvet dream alongside Anna Netrebko (Donna Anna) and Bryn Terfel (Leporello). Oh, what I’d give to watch this!

(If you’re not very familiar with Mattei and his voice, I urge you to look him up on Youtube or Spotify, because he’s utterly fantastic and I love him to death.)

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    I’m pretty sure if I had seen this live, I’d have passed out.
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    yes yes everyone listen to peter mattei and then convince him to sing in london again
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    More specifically, check out this album: … well, to begin with. Then move on to his renditions of the baritone parts in...
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